Chris Barylick

The founder of the Geek Comedy Tour 3000 and a nerd at heart, Chris uses an energetic mix of pop culture, everyday humor and tech/nerd triviata to make fun of the things closest to him. He has performed at various venues throughout DC, Maryland, New York and Virginia and on Sirius satellite radio.

His current contact information and demos can be seen on his MySpace or FaceBook pages.

Joe Deeley

Joe Deeley is a man who is serious about being silly. Throughout the past decade, Joe has been making a name for himself in the pre-apocalyptic wasteland world of comedy from Washington D.C. to Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles, California (not to be confused with LA, the US Postal abbreviation for Louisiana). Joe's interests range from Pirate movies, science fiction, and dragons, to flying machines, and absolutely ANYTHING to do with robots or spaceships.

From the arcane, to the mundane, but seldom through the profane, Joe's wonderfully weird and whimsical comedy pokes fun at himself, the world, and the ever increasing seriousness we all seem to be suffering from lately.

James Jones

A child of the Def Jam era James grew up listening to comics riff about the differences between black people and white people, yo mama jokes, and life in the 'hood. When he began his own stand-up career however, he found that the traditional Def Jam subject matter did not suit his style. So he developed his own brand of racial humor by talking about his experiences as a nerdy black man. With his economical writing style, smart material, and clipped delivery James quickly distinguished himself throughout the DC area comedy scene. His deadpan, wide-eyed observations make him a favorite of almost any crowd.

Jimmy Merritt

Tonight Show veteran Brett Leake described Jimmy Meritt's act as "Above the belt, between the ears material, energetically performed." Jimmy Meritt spent his entire childhood staying up past his bedtime to watch "Late Night with David Letterman." While in College, Jimmy dove into comedy head first. Thanks to his perseverance in the active and ever growing Washington, D.C. comedy scene, this gifted comedian quickly found himself taking the stage, sharpening his skills seven nights a week. With his likeable stage presence and strong emphasis on writing, Jimmy rapidly became a crowd favorite with both discerning audience members, and fellow comedians. Since then, he's been a crowd favorite at clubs, coffee-houses, Colleges, and corporate events. It has also been his honor to open for esteemed professionals such as Saturday Night Live's Kevin Nealon, as well as the cast of ABC's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" With his geeky charm and a host of unique, yet accessible topics, Jimmy Meritt's clean comedy is sure to be a stand-out at any show. He is currently also touring with the Comedy Project and just finished a 30-state run of colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Evan Valentine

Evan Valentine has been performing in the DC standup circuit for two years, getting his start as winner of the Last Comic Standing Competition at Loyola College in Maryland. Evan has performed comedy in one way or another for all his life, joining bands, tours, you name it, he's done it all for the name of hillarity.

Jake Young

Loves stuff that is not real, also he likes making jokes. Thus the Geek Comedy Tour is the perfect place to do jokes about his favorite things that aren't. After a youth wasted drawing cartoons and adolescence take up by anime, Jake Young quickly took to live comedy after heavy exposure to gamma radiation and basic cable. After training and performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC he quickly rose in the ranks of Beltway-area comedy, performing frequently at Showcase events and even doing guest spots at the DC Improv Comedy Club. You might have heard Jake Young on WGTB, XM Satelite Radio, or even on the CW network on the Season 4 premiere of "Beauty and the Geek". Furthermore, he's got uber-gusto.